Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Chillage 1st Anniversary: Music + Booze + Relief Operatio

You certainly didn't think that we'd let The Chillage's 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY go by without a bang, right?:)

More than a month post-Yolanda, there's still a huge deal that needs to be done. Homes need to be rebuilt, lives need to reboot, and livelihood in affected areas need to restart anew.

This Saturday, join us in a celebration without forgetting the deeper meaning of this season: giving back and giving a lot of love, reaching out with helping hands, and continue rebuilding lives post-Yolanda.

Together with the 1UP Restart Drive, as well as our amazing event sponsors, we're bringing you our most meaningful event yet.

We're on a boat--but more importantly, we hope you can help build us one (or a couple).

Gather 'round your friends for the ultimate DRINK-ALL-YOU-CAN at only Php200 (courtesy of our friends from Tanduay) from 9pm-12mn this Saturday -- 100% of the evening's ticket sales will go to the 1UP Restart Drive. Specifically, to build a fully-equipped Chillage banca (or two) for the fishermen of Northern Cebu. Featuring performances from Chillage favorites HONEYDROP, SNUBEAR, KaapiN, SODA CAN GENIE, SUNDAY SUNDAY, and LADOI, you know you don't want to miss this! 

Many thanks to Tanduay, BOMBA!, Pyschomonkey, and ZeroThreeTwo. Best way to spend your Saturday. See you!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hot Reggae Nights: Pre-Rasta Claus Celebration at The Outpost

Hot Reggae Nights is bringing Rasta Claus to town!

It's another reggae Saturday at the Outpost with performaces from Session High, New Zion, Fiyah, and Jah Emprez.

You can also bring some donations/gifts for the street children.
See yah this Saturday at The Outpost!
Jah Bless!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Fiesta 2013: Grand Ukulele Sunday Festival

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Join Ukulele Cebu as we turn 1 with this first ever grand ukulele festival here in Ubec!

Get a chance to win some prizes this December 1 at the first ever Grand Ukulele Sunday Festival!

For only 20 pesos per ticket, you may win prizes from Krazy Ventures, Ukulele Manila, The Chillage, and two of the handcrafted tenor ukuleles from The New Susing's Guitar!

See yah at KOA Treehouse this Saturday! Fun starts at 2:00 in the afternoon until the evening. ^__^

ONE UKE! \m/

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Earthquake Safety 101

I've heard that this quakes are staying for some time here in Ubec so here's a little info that might be very helpful...



Tuesday, 1 October 2013

#KRAZYWEEKEND Surf Break in Samar

Yehey! We're so happy you finally decided to kick your weekend off with us. Fill in the form and we'll contact you as soon as possible for confirmation.

Thank you and see you around, krazie!

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..and one krazy time with #thekrazies

...cliff dive
...longboard video??? :D
and a whole lot more!

First to pay the downpayment first served. Limited slots only.
Downpayment = Reservation.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Registration is finally up!


..and one krazy time with #thekrazies

surf | cliff dive | snorkel | longboard | music video
and a whole lot more!

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Friday, 23 August 2013

5th Annual Friendship Climb

Event Itinerary:

DAY 1 Aug 24 Saturday
0900AM Ceres Garage Terminal Taboan.
1000AM Larga ang Ceres (Fare184)
1200NN L.O.B. Lunch on Bus (Kaon Mo Daan or Pagbawn)
0200PM ETD Ginatilan, Register. (Fill up free registration form at booth)
Buy Supplies for Dinner and Breakfast for the next day.
0300PM ETD For Hambuboyog. Onboard Damtrak (Free)
0400PM ETA Trailhead. Start Trek.
0500PM ETA Campsite. Set up Camp.

DAY 2 Aug 25 Sunday
0500AM Wake Up. Prepare Breakfast
0600AM Breakcamp para di maabtan sa init sa adlaw
0700AM Trek Down.

Morning Activities:
Tree Planting
Clean Up Near Inambakan Falls
School Supplies Giving in two Locations

1200NN Lunch at Proper Ginatilan

Afternoon Activities:
Pinoy Games
Fun Race

0400PM Awarding Ceremony
0700PM Overnight at Public Beach
Atang Sa Ceres Sa gustong mouli sa Cebu.

DAY 3 Aug 26 Monday
0800AM Samboan Falls Hopping

Day 1 Notes:
Gihangyo ko kamo nga magdala ug atleast 1 ka notebook
Sa Ceres Taboan ta magkita tanan para madungan ra. Weekend man gud nya daghan kaayo pasahero sa SouthBus. So para madungan ta, adto rata magkitakita.

Gihangyo nako nga mangaon daan or magbawon ug makaon kaon kay paniudto maatul sa byahe. 

Inig abot sa Ginatilan, naay registration booth giandam, fill up lang mo sa form ug palihug lang ko hatag sa inyong dala nga notebook. Then after, mamalit lang ta ug pagkaon para panihapon ug pamahaw para ugma.

Manakay ta ug libre nga dumptruck padung sa trailhead unya lakaw nata padung campsite. OPEN ang campsite/Trail So Gihangyo ko kamo nga magdala ug Sunprotector/Raingears.
Ang WATER SOURCE sa campsite kay Layo. So magbawn ta ug ubay ubay nga tubig.
Magprepare ta ug presentation sa sabado sa gabii. Sayaw lang ta ug gimme gimme

Day 2 Notes:
Sayo sayo lang ta ug breakcamp kay basig mainitan ta ug maayo.
Ang mga morning activities kay i arrange pa based on actual participants kay morag daghan ra kaayo ta. Murag tunga tungaon ra tingale. 

Ang Afternoon activities kay sa GYM/Munisipyo i held. Fun Race / Pinoy Games. 
Ang mga premyo kay mga goodies from Islander, Habagat, Silangan, Etc. Gihangyo ko kamo sa pag salmot.

Ang mga muuli sa cebu, pwede ra muuna after sa activities. Then ang magpabilin kay sa Public Beach daw mag stay.

Day 3 Notes:
Falls Hopping sa Samboan. Aguinid Falls ug Binalayan Falls. Murag kadali rani, kay short trek raman ni from hiway (sa wala pa nakaadto). Mga after lunch siguro pwede na manakay padung Cebu.

Other Notes:
Dala lang ta ug pang overnight na gamit jacket,pants, etc.,extra shirt, raingears, sun protectors, personal churvaness, medicine kits, ug uban pa. 
Supportado diay ni nga event sa Munisipyo sa Ginatilan, so dapat magbilin ta ug positive impacts nila by doing these outreach activities and paying respect to the community itself. Ug ang pinaka importante makahimamat ta ug mga bag ong nawng sa saka-sakag bukid. Murag pu-ol man sad kita ra perme magkitakita

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Save the Dates!

Save the dates and save up krazies!
Registration will be announced soon...

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Monday, 19 August 2013

This October... Who's with us?

The Krazies are going to Samar this sembreak!
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Thursday, 15 August 2013


Hot Reggae Nights unites all reggae crews in the Queen City of the South. Hot Reggae Nights will bring in the latest news about the local reggae music scene. We help promote local artist and new aspiring bands to be heard and recognized through photos, videos, events, etc. Hot Reggae Nights is a market place for any sort of merchandise for all the crew. Hot Reggae Nights is the place for local reggae artists that they can call HOME.

Spreading the irie vibes through “REGGAE SATURDAY” a massive weekend reggae party. It’ll hit Cebu like a storm hooping from one bar to another weekend after weekend. Everybody will get to taste different flavors from your favorite artists one night from another. Not only that, DJ’s will spin dub dancehall beats with MC’s for a non-stop sizzling rhythm. To make the night Hot! Ladies get to showcase their moves and be crowned dancehall princess of the night. Outside the house, will display merchandise shirts, CDs, accessories, souvenirs and Dreadlocks services. What more could you ask for? It’s a Saturday you don’t want to miss brought to you by LN Concepts. One love, good vibration and healing of the nation.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mga Balak og Musika: For the Benefit of the Children of Carnaza Island


Our children are the hope of tomorrow. A cliché often times abused. But what if our children need a bit of push for them to succeed? Are we going to sit idly and silently until the time comes when they are bound for judgment?

A great hero once said that the best weapon to fight poverty is through a pen and paper. We believe that for someone to raise the bar of excellence, he must have enough tools to make his dreams a reality, grab it by the horn, and take action. We believe that EDUCATION is one of the best tested weapons.
Although Department of Education and the government have been working really hard to promote this campaign, they sometimes fail to reach out to the children in some remote islands. 

KRAZY VENTURES recognizes this opportunity for us, as fortunate individuals, to become an outlet for change; thus, the birth of ‘Mga Balak ug Musika’.

‘Mga Balak ug Musika’ is a get-together of music lovers, word players, and artists to celebrate the gift of music and creativity. It is a night not only produced to raise awareness and support for the children of remote islands, but also to gather educational supplies which will be beneficial to these young learners. It aims to gather in-kind support which will be used to jump start their future as the school year opens.
This event is produced for the benefit of the children at Carnaza Island, Daanbantayan, Cebu City. 

Entrance is for free. Just bring school supplies that we can give to the children of Carnaza Island. ^_^

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hey, the Krazies are cooking up something awesome soon. 
We want you to be part of it. 
In the meantime, leave us your email below and we’ll keep you posted. \m/

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-The Krazies

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kayaking /Paddling with Isla Adventures

Kayaks, first built by the Inuits in North America, were used to hunt on inland lands. Estimated to be at least 4,000 years old, kayaks in their earliest forms were made from stitched seal or other animal skins over a frame made from whalebone. These vessels got their buoyancy with seal bladders filled with air, tucked into the fore and aft sections of the kayak.
Today’s kayaks, typically built with fiberglass, wood, rotomolded plastic or Kevlar, are designed more for recreation for a number of different water environments, including lakes, whitewater rivers, and seas. At the heart of kayaking is paddling, but there’s a lot more to learn about the techniques and equipment to ensure beginners are safe, aware and enjoying themselves.

Kayaking in Cebu

It is our vision to promote the paddling culture in Metro Cebu and provide a common venue for all kayak enthusiasts to meet others regardless of skill level. Isla Adventures together with Krazy Ventures offers Kayak Rentals, Guided Kayak Trips and Tours, Kayaking Instructionals and Clinics, and Kayak Retail Sales.

Kayaking 101: Learning the ABCs of Kayaking from Chico Estrera

Taking  break from kayaking

Even kids can do it!

Venue: Estrera Beach House, Marigondon, Lapulapu City

Package Inclusives:
Beach entry.
Gears (paddles, personal floating device / life vest, etc.).
Kayak rentals.
Half-day paddling lessons.

For advance paddlers, we also do expedition cross-channel paddling to nearby islands at a different rate.

09329343164 (Osang)
09334183221 (Niiru)
09332340529 (Tborz)

Join us and we will help you with Work-Life Balance. Enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly!