Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mga Balak og Musika: For the Benefit of the Children of Carnaza Island


Our children are the hope of tomorrow. A cliché often times abused. But what if our children need a bit of push for them to succeed? Are we going to sit idly and silently until the time comes when they are bound for judgment?

A great hero once said that the best weapon to fight poverty is through a pen and paper. We believe that for someone to raise the bar of excellence, he must have enough tools to make his dreams a reality, grab it by the horn, and take action. We believe that EDUCATION is one of the best tested weapons.
Although Department of Education and the government have been working really hard to promote this campaign, they sometimes fail to reach out to the children in some remote islands. 

KRAZY VENTURES recognizes this opportunity for us, as fortunate individuals, to become an outlet for change; thus, the birth of ‘Mga Balak ug Musika’.

‘Mga Balak ug Musika’ is a get-together of music lovers, word players, and artists to celebrate the gift of music and creativity. It is a night not only produced to raise awareness and support for the children of remote islands, but also to gather educational supplies which will be beneficial to these young learners. It aims to gather in-kind support which will be used to jump start their future as the school year opens.
This event is produced for the benefit of the children at Carnaza Island, Daanbantayan, Cebu City. 

Entrance is for free. Just bring school supplies that we can give to the children of Carnaza Island. ^_^